Each website owner or manager should be the question: how many users can our website handler? To answer this question you need to run a web performance testing over your website. To run a web performance testing there are a lot tools and online services. For run the first web performance testings I use siege. Siege is an http load testing and benchmarking utility.

Siege permit to test a single url or a list of url's. I use siege to test a list of url randomly and with the benchmark option enable to stress the website infrastructure.

1.- Generate url list file

curl --silent http://test.superpop.es/sitemap.xml | grep \<loc\> | sed 's/.*<loc>//' | sed 's|</loc>||' > urllist.txt

2.- Run test with siege

siege -c5 -i -b -v -t60 -f urllist.txt
  • -c CONCURRENT users, default is 10.
  • -i INTERNET user simulation, hits URLs randomly.
  • -b BENCHMARK: no delays between requests.
  • -v VERBOSE, prints notification to screen.
  • -t TIMED testing where "m" is modifier S, M, or H.
  • -f FILE, select a specific URLS FILE.

If you have more than one sitemap.xml you can generate url list using the next script. This generate url list file from sitemap_index.xml.



curl --silent http://$DOMAIN/$SITEMAP_INDEX | grep \<loc\> | sed 's/.*<loc>//' | sed 's|</loc>||' > /tmp/sitemap_index.txt

if [ -f $URLLIST ]
touch $URLLIST

while read sitemap; do
  echo $sitemap
  curl --silent $sitemap | grep \<loc\> | sed 's/.*<loc>//' | sed 's|</loc>||' >> $URLLIST
done < /tmp/sitemap_index.txt

rm /tmp/sitemap_index.txt