Managing company documentation in plain text

Benefits to write company documents using a plain text format like markdown.

Posts publicado en el blog de Orbal

Lista de posts que he publicao en el blog de Orbal sobre Devops, Elasticsearch y Chef.

Send elasticsearch reports using phantomjs

Script to send Elasticsearch reports based on Kibana dashboards using the PhantomJS.

Backup elasticsearch with curator

How to protect your Elasticsearch data with backups usgin curator.

My rework book notes

This are my notes that I take after read Rework book. I think that it is a great book that you must read.

generating kibana reports with phantomjs

How to generate Kibana reports using phantomjs and send its by email.

Web performance testing with siege

How to run a web performance test across all url's of your website using siege.

Automating aws autoscaling with chef server

Approach to manage Chef nodes in a AWS Autoscaling infrastructure using AWS SQS queues.

How to bootstrap AWS Autoscaling instances from chef-server

1.- Bootstrap an ec2 instance with knife.

kitchen timeout patch

I have had an issue installing a long package texlive-full from chef running kitchen. Searching for Internet I have found this kitchen issue (

Chef development approach with kitchen berkshelf and vagrant

Until now, I have been using the approach defined in my post My first approach working with chef in local mode for develop and in some case for production also. Now I use a new approach based on ki...

How to run test Kitchen on amazon aws?

One of the most important things of continuous delivery process is to run tests. To run test with Chef we have Test Kitchen. Test Kitchen is a tool to execute test on one o more platforms. Test Kit...